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Postdoctoral Associate

We are accepting applications for talented postdoctoral fellows who are interested in the molecular and neural mechanisms underlying hearing- and speech-based communication. Highly motivated individuals with strong background in neurobiology and a scientific record of productivity are encouraged to apply. Applicants should send CV and a brief description of research experience/interests to Dr. Wei Xiong (

Specifically, wireless imaging and deep-brain/spinal-cord recording are in development in the lab. Candidates who have had training of animal behaviors, electrophysiology, and in vivo imaging will be considered first.

Graduate Students

For whom are interested in understanding everything about the auditory system, you are encouraged to join the lab for rotation/internship. Potential practices include: (1) fine surgery of the auditory structure, (2) ex vivo and in vivo recording of the auditory response, and (3) rigorous interrogation of the cellular mechanotransduction. Please contact Dr. Wei Xiong (